Sweet Gwendoline French Gin




Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is a deliciously mischievous new world gin sourced and produced in the South of France and bottled in New Orleans.


The brand design is based on the provocative artwork of John Willie and his greatest creation, "Sweet Gwendoline".


Like its namesake, Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is sure to delight, bewitch and awaken the senses!


Tasting Notes:


The bright liquid is infused with Figue de Solliès and botanicals, including juniper, angelica seed, coriander, cardamom, sweet orange, lemon, and lime.

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is the only gin finished with French Moscatel white wine for a unique, round finish.

A whip-cracking taste with a smooth, warm entry bursting with citrus and black pepper finish — perfect in a dry martini

ABV / Proof
40 / 80